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The end of hard work
and heavy lifting

Because work and life can be much lighter!

Instead of carrying a file document (or any other materials and weights) you can easily transport it wherever you want on the unique CLAX folding cart.

Work goes faster because you have a helper that will carry weights for you on command. Your helper is always ready to work (for you) and you do not have to pay him a salary. He never gets tired or sick.

Pusty wózek CLAX Wózek CLAX z koszykiem Wózek CLAX z dwoma koszykami Wózek CLAX z kartonem

See the clax folding cart in action

Wózek CLAX - lekki i solidnyThe CLAX folding cart is solidly made of light aluminium (it weighs 6,7 kg) and is very movable as well as very easy to steer. On its both trays you can transport up to 60 kg (on its lower tray up to 40 kg, on the upper up to 20 kg).

Wózek CLAX - wygodny koszyk w zestawieAdditional handy folding box can be filled even by small trinkets that will not scatter and can be moved regardless of the trolley.

Wózek CLAX - duże kółkaThanks to big rear wheels you can even use the folding cart on stairs.

Wózek CLAX - mocny hamulecStrong brake will stop the CLAX trolley wherever you will want to leave it. It will not move anywhere without you.

Wózek CLAX - kompaktowy rozmiar po złożeniuAnd after work you can fold it easily (within 2 seconds), move it effortlessly and even hide it in the corner as it almost takes no space.

A small trolley – a big help

Wózek CLAX - nie tylko do firmy

The CLAX folding cart can ease not only your office works but it also may be useful during shopping. Instead of taking a traditional shopping cart in return for a coin, you can fill up your CLAXtrolley and then you do not have to come back from your car as you take the trolley together with your shopping.

Similarly, you can use the CLAX folding cart at home. Thousands of applications of one trolley will ease any of your work that requires carrying weights and transporting materials.

Take a rest while steering!

It is so easy and light that any work can become a pleasure.

It waits in the corner for its turn

Wózek CLAX - łatwe przenoszenie, przeworzenie i przechowywanie

Small size of the CLAX folding cart allows you to store it without taking valuable space.

It is easy to move, transport and store – until you need its help. It is ready to work within two seconds – just move your hand once.

Have you got something to carry?

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If you order now:

  • You will get your trolley within 24 hours.
  • You will not pay for the delivery.
  • Together with the trolley you will get a folding box (46 litres). You can buy the second one.
  • As a gift you will receive a set of archival clips + advertisement on the website!

Price of the CLAX folding cart:
156 USD

Various forms of payment are possible – just ask and we will find the best solution.

If you have any questions regarding CLAX folding cart – call us on +48 502 412 589 and you will get all the answers.

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